Obesity and excess weight have become so common these days that they are rightly considered epidemic by many medical experts. The reasons for this state of things are many, but most agree that for one, the wide availability of unhealthy, energy rich foods coupled with the lack of activity are the main contributing factors. In defense of those that are having trouble with excess weight, the truth is that the environment we are all living in today in the Western world makes it incredibly easy to make wrong food choices and gain weight that is almost impossible to lose later. So it’s very important to be aware exactly how much weight is healthy for your body type before you can realistically start to think about any weight loss regimen or diet.

The answer will depend on your age, height and body type. The ideal weight is most often measured by an set called the Body Mass Index, or BMI. BMI is far from perfect and there are other, more precise ways of expressing your overall body weight ideal and the specific body composition that you might have, but they often involve specific and expensive measurements with tools such as medical calipers and body pods, so we won’t go into depth regarding those for now, the body mass index should be enough. You can calculate your body mass index on many places on-line, and you should know that the recommended body mass index value falls between 19 and 25, so if your results are in this range you can consider yourself to be in good shape, at least when it comes to body weight. On the other hand, if your BMI is somewhere below 20, you can be considered underweight, while a BMI between 20 and 25 is considered a good measure for your height. Those with body mass index between 25 and 35 can be considered overweight, while anyone with a BMI of over 35 is probably obese and should seek out attention of a professional nutritionist to help him get in shape. Remember, obesity is more than just a body image problem, and it’s rightly considered an illness by many medical professionals.

Furthermore, obese individuals have a much greater chance of developing many different illnesses that can even be potentially fatal in the end, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, so make sure that you take your nutrition and body weight as seriously as possible.

Most dieting experts and nutrition professionals agree that to achieve the best results possible, you should combine a healthy eating plan based on lean protein, green vegetables rich in fiber and some essential fatty acids, like ones found in virgin olive oil and nuts and seeds with a exercising regimen. Dont start to panic, theres no need to subject yourself to an overly rigorous exercise and workout plan a moderate, but regular light exercise routine should suffice for all but the most extreme cases.

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