It’s a sad fact that many people living in the western part of the world today are overweight, and this is to a large part due to the conditions we are living in. Besides the unprecedented wealth and variety of foods available, some of which are less than healthy, we are also surrounded by toxic elements every day. The toxins are everywhere and can’t really be avoided, especially if you are living in a large urban area. The toxic substances are in the air we breathe, the water we drink and in the foods we eat, as well as in most things we come in contact with via touch. Some of those toxins will find their way to our bodies, and then get stored in the fat cells our body uses to accumulate energy reserves. When those fat cells get burned up to produce much needed energy, the toxins also get released into the bloodstream and various other tissues, so it’s really important to get rid of them as soon as possible and before they get the chance to do permanent damage to our health. Most people are not aware that most weight loss related problems and issues are often caused by toxins that get released during the course of a diet, and a good way to help our bodies to dispose of them in a safe way is to utilize a juice diet. If you have been experiencing symptoms like feelings of sluggishness, lack of energy and sleepiness, as well as feeling bloated and suffering from headaches, there’s a good chance that you are in fact suffering from poor nutrition and that your symptoms are caused by the toxins in your body. If you ever experienced the “yo-yo” effect of most diets, or the phenomenon of regaining the lost weight very fast after you stop dieting, you need to make some healthy additions to your lifestyle and nutrition habits, and starting with a detox course based on a juice died is a great way to start.

Juice detox is a short time period, often somewhere between three days and a week, during which the only nutrition that you will get will come in form of juices and water. You should eat no solid foods whatsoever, and compensate for that by drinking between a liter and two of juice evenly distributed throughout the day. You have complete freedom when it comes to the choice of juices that you can drink, and you can mix both fruit and vegetable juices in any combinations you like just make sure that there’s no added sugar or preservatives in them. Also, you should drink as much water as you can if you can manage a gallon a day that would be great.

As with any other diet, you should get your medical doctor’s opinion before going on a juice based diet. If you are currently with child or breast feeding, you should definitely not go on a juice based diet.

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